Saturday, October 15, 2011

i know we can ! =) will always knock us will always make us fall to the ground..behind all my laugh,joke n smile there will always be a sad story...yes,we can just move on our relationship n act like it is okey...but the truth is.. we are not REAL.. we are FAKE...for how many years will it takes for us to be this ..u think it is easy for me to get trough all of this ain`t easy trust me..i will never show to u how weak i am...believe me...i will always be here watching ur life going perfectly..i will make sure no one will hurt u like i did to u...i will make sure u will achive a good life with me supporting u from behind..i will always miss u...i cant barely stand when i remember all the memories that we had..i will be gratefull if u moving on ur life and learn how to enjoy it without i said...keep on smilling n laughing because that is the best theraphy to be happy...just mark my word..I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU...

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